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It's Not Just for Bedliners!

About LINE-X

World's leader in Truck Bed Protection

LINE-X is the only company that actually develops and manufacturers its own material, guaranteeing consistent and reliable products with the highest quality control. LINE-X chemists, using our state-of-the-art laboratory, have continually developed material that solves various extreme impact, corrosion and abrasion problems in hundreds of commercial and industrial situations.

Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction

LINE-X Sample

LINE-X is rated #1 in customer satisfaction because it outperforms other spray-on bed liners in three ways:

  1. It's the TOUGHEST of all spray-on bed liners.
  2. It's NON-SKID surface holds loads better.
  3. It will not tear or rip like other "softer" spray on liners.

Our bed liners are tested for strength and protection in the laboratory to assure truck owners the superior physical properties needed for their heavy truck use. If you want superior protection, you want LINE-X.

How Is It Done?

There are 5 easy steps to applying a LINE-X spray-on bedliner:

  1. Mask off the truck (as if it is to be painted)
  2. Cover the truck (to protect from overspray)
  3. Wipe the bed with a wax and grease remover, scuff and spray
  4. spray on the bedliner (dries in about 3 seconds)
  5. uncover the truck!

LINE-X exhibits the highest tensile strength, the highest tear strength, and the highest abrasion resistance than any other spray-in liner available. This makes LINE-X the highest performing bed liner.

LINE-X is a two part polyurethane elastomer system. It uses equal parts of an "A" component or hardener and a "B" component or resin. When combined properly it produces a polyurethane elastomer similar to the bottoms of your work boot.

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